Native Ads: 5 Tips for Conversions in Affiliate Marketing

The amount of cash spent on native ads is predicted to grow to $21 billion by the top of this year. If you’re in affiliate marketing and not currently using native ads as a traffic source, that statistic is perhaps causing you the fear of missing out, right now.

Luckily for you, it’s far away from ‘too late’ to be earning money through native ads in affiliate marketing. There are many campaigns at MaxBounty that allow native as a traffic source, and it’s a comparatively easy traffic source to line up if you’ve got a touch of cash to play with.

We’re getting to provide you with five tips that will assist you found out native ad campaigns that engage and convert.

Before we do this, let’s talk a touch bit about why you ought to be using native ads as a traffic source in the first place.

Why is Native Advertising So Effective?

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Native ads still rise in popularity as a traffic source because they work.

There is a big amount of knowledge that proves that users are more likely to interact with native ads than traditional display ads.

In fact, projections have native advertising accounting for nearly 60% of all display ad spending within the US by the top of 2018.

This impact is often attributed to how native advertising aims to match both the shape and performance of the platform during which it’s found. Ads are non-disruptive, ensuring users are less likely to acknowledge them as a targeted marketing tactic. this is often why they’re becoming more and more popular in affiliate marketing.

Most of the worldwide population doesn’t want their screen and senses pummelled by a site covered in non-content related ads from one side of their screen to the opposite. The seemingly organic appearance of native ads helps combat this disdain, creating an environment where the user is more likely to seem at and skim your ad. They’re also featured on tons of trusted mainstream websites, which may help improve their reputation among users.

Native ads have much potential for continued growth as ad networks find new and artistic ways to integrate them with actual content.

1. Be Willing to Spend

If you’re still a beginner in affiliate marketing, it’s important to understand that you simply will likely need a budget to seek out success with native ads.

The larger the website you would like your ads on, the more you’ll need to pay, outbidding other affiliates within the process. Sometimes this will end in a lower ROI but increased overall earnings. However, to succeed in a high level of volume, you’ll get to be comfortable spending and adjusting your budget when necessary.

The types of verticals, offers, and countries you promote also will play a big role in what proportion you’ll need to spend.

2. Choose the proper Native Ad Network

To make money by combining CPA offers with native advertising, you’ll get to decide which native ad network you’ll use as your traffic source.

These networks allow you to require a CPA offer from MaxBounty, create a billboard that’s placed on a mainstream website, and have that ad directly to the campaign.

MaxBounty currently has ongoing partnerships with two of the world’s biggest native advertising networks, Taboola, and MGID. attend any mainstream content-driven site, and you’re likely to seek out sponsored posts from one among these two networks.

Although both offer similar features and functionality, they will differ in their website usage and recognition in countries. this suggests you’ll find more success with one over the opposite, counting on where you reside and what offers you opt to market.

Our MGID partnership rewards you with a 25% bonus on an initial deposit of $1000 or more if you check in through us. Just log in to your MaxBounty account and click on the ‘Learn More’ link on our Resources Page here.

Our Taboola partnership rewards you with a $100 bonus to your Taboola account if you spend a minimum of $100. Log in to MaxBounty and click on here to check in to MGID on our Resources Page.

3. Select CPA Offers That Convert as Native Ads

Not every campaign goes to try to do well when promoted through native advertising. this is often partly because not every product or service works well within the native format, which leads gen offers with low CPA rates will keep your ROI too low.

Try to choose offers with:

Moderate to high payouts
A broad appeal/target audience
Products/services which will be promoted with an angle that evokes urgency
In addition to those, obviously, confirm you’re only promoting offers from MaxBounty that let native ads as a traffic source.

From there, you’ll break things down further by ensuring you promote within certain niches.

Some niches that convert well for our affiliates once they promote through native ads are:


Products that will improve a user’s health or physical appearance do great on native. this is often because they will trigger an emotional response.

You’ve undoubtedly encountered a native ad with a before and after picture that features a person’s skin looking dramatically younger within the ‘after picture’. this is often a standard approach for promoting skin or de-aging creams.


These offers can effectively target a user’s impulsive urges. If they desire they’re missing out on a replacement addictive game that everybody else is playing, they’ll quickly attempt to change that.


These work well because they appeal to a mass audience. Everybody loves free money and it’s easy to make ads that revolve around that notion.

Tech Products

Like gaming, new tech gadgets are often enticing to early adopters if advertised the proper way. It’s a kind of product that folks want before others, and these offers generally have high payouts.

Background Checks

This niche works well because there are numerous different angles you’ll use in your promotion. you’ll attempt to attract users who are dating somebody new, who just hired a replacement employee, or who need a background check for themselves.

4. Write Compelling Ad Copy

Effective copywriting is vital in any sort of advertising, and for native ads, it’s getting to play an enormous role in determining the success of your campaigns.

Your image captions got to entice users. you would like to spark their curiosity with a picture then ignite it into a full-on inferno once they’ve read your copy.

Here are a couple of general rules to follow to make sure your copy will attract users.

Keep it concise

Don’t overstay your welcome when your ad is going to be competing with others. Make your point and obtain out.

Sound journalistic

Your copy is more likely to draw in users if it seems like you’re reporting something. you would like your ad to look newsworthy. Eg. “New Weightloss Product is Changing the Lives of Moms”

Be incomplete

Ensure the users must click your ad to seek out out more important information. Don’t divulge everything in your copy. Eg. “Find out Why this [Tech Gadget] is Selling Out Everywhere!”

5. Utilize a Custom Landing Page
Custom landing pages are often an excellent tool to possess in your arsenal when using native ads. If a user clicks on a link but is directed to a sales page with an excessive amount of information thereon, the experience can quickly become a confusing one.

A custom landing page also can be angled to match your specific strategy for promoting the offer. Users are often turned off if the image and replica you employ in your native ad don’t match the sales page of the campaign. Thus, you’ll use utilize a landing page that helps bridge the gap between the 2.

This also creates the chance to use additional tracking analytics to enable testing and optimization.