Make Money Online With Free Website 2021

Make Money Online With Free Website 2021

Make Money Online With Free Website 2021

How to make a free website? How to make a free blog? How to make capitalist from blogs This question is hourly asked to me. However, the easiest way is Blogger, If you want to know Free Website Kaise Banaye and want to effect a new website. Blogger is a free service from Google. On which you can affect your new website. And there are a lot of websites on Blogger moment and they’re all free websites. If you affect a free website on another website either you can not make a deep pocket from it but on Blogger you can make a free website. You can also make a deep pocket by making it. We’ve before furnished information on how to make a deep pocket from blogs.

In the moment’s post, we will show you how to cause a free website block for which you don’t need to pay any Croesus and in just 10 jiffies your free website will be created. Below are 2 ways to make your free Website can cause a free blog. You can use whichever of these two manners you allow is better, but there’s a big difference between Blogger and WordPress, so be sure to read the differences before creating a website on these two.

How to cause a free blog/ website on Blogger

For Blogger, first

And click Occasion Your Blog.

And either log in with your Gmail ID.

Click Continue To Blogger.

Either click Occasion New Blog.

1. Title-First of all you have to tell the name of your blog or website presently, like the name of our website is Hindi Gyan Book, either you’re allowing of a name for your website and read it presently.

2. Address- Either you have to tell the URL of your website what it should look like. If you’re creating a free website on Blogger either you’ll written in the name of your website init. However, your website name will be the same as our website

3. Theme- Either you have to choose the band for your website. Presently you’re given a lot of templates. You can choose any one of these.

After filling in all three pieces of information, click on Bring Blog. The URL you entered in the address will be the address of your website like “WebsitekaURL.Blogspot.Com”

Now you have a free website. But if you want your website address to look like our website either you have to put a custom barony in it. We’ve given the information in the utility post. How to put a custom barony in Blogger

How To Make A Free Blog/ Website On WordPress?

WordPress is a sporty platform for blogging. About 30 of the world’s websites are rested on WordPress.However, below is the information, If you want to know how we can work our blog or free website on WordPress.

1, go to https//Wordpress.Com. And click on Getting Started.

Either you have to click on “ Start With A Blog” and fill in the name of your website.

The name you fill in presently will be the name of your website and it’s a free website so you’ll find A website.


written with your name on it.

After entering the address of the website, below you’ll find some options, one of which will be the option of Free, tag it and click on Start With Free on the succeeding runner.

Now you have to fill in your card ID to register presently

Fill in the username. The username will be the address of your website, it’ll be the same username

. And below you have to enter the countersign

Notwithstanding, at the bottom is the option to log in to Google, If you want to login directly from Google.

After completing all your information presently, click on Continue below. Now you have to open your postcard ID which you had filled in presently. Open it and click on Confirm Now in it. And your free website and free blog are ready.

What are the advantages of a WordPress website?

How to Prompt Post Page Category Tag in WordPress Website

How to Optimize WordPress Website

In this post you’re told about Kaise Banaye Video Music Website Kaise Banaye Html Se Website Kaise Banaye Apni Website Kaise Banaye Hindi Me Youtube Par Website Kaise Banaye Godaddy Par Website Kaise Banaye Software Kaise Banate Hai Apni Website Kaise Banaye Video Also if you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to ask by editorializing below. And be sure to partake in this post so that others can also know this information.