How to Set Up 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) on your MaxBounty Affiliate Account + FAQ

-thing or two-step authentication (additionally referred to as 2fa) is a way of getting access to a web or pc machine account in which the person is needed to input sets of records. this normally includes a wellknown username/e mail + password and a generated safety code.

requiring a person to offer a unique code further to a password substantially decreases the chance in their account being breached via hackers.

the codes used for 2fa are most customarily created via authenticator apps like google authenticator. these can be downloaded and set up on a user’s smartphone from corresponding app stores.

as soon as incorporated with the consumer’s account, generally through a qr code, the authenticator will generate a completely unique set of characters that the user will then use to log in. new codes are then regenerated often to provide further protection.


why maxbounty makes use of 2fa for affiliate bills

defensive our associates’ data has always been crucial to us. the increasing charge of online records breaches and identity left has simplest made it extra of a concern. consequently, we felt it changed into vital to create an introduced layer of protection between your touchy information and ability hackers.

this is exactly the reason of 2fa.

when you permit two-issue authentication, it turns into notably greater difficult for a person to gain access in your account. automatic bot attacks specifically are almost absolutely negated by way of 2fa.

the level of safety it gives is greater than well worth the 1-2 minutes it takes to activate.

although we notably advocate each associate sets up 2fa, it is non-compulsory till you surpass a certain earnings threshold. after that, it will become a mandatory requirement. you’ll then want to set-up 2fa with the intention to log in in your account.

how to set-up 2fa for your maxbouny account

the primary time you log in in your maxbounty account, you may see the subsequent pop-up with a view to ask you whether or not you would love to set-up 2fa now or to wait: