Author Salman Rushdie was attacked on Ventilator After New York Stabbing

Author Salman Rushdie was attacked on Ventilator After New York Stabbing

Author Salman Rushdie was attacked on Ventilator After New York Stabbing. He one of the most famous writers in the world, was severely attacked just as he was about to speak to an followership at the Chautauqua Institution in western New York on Friday. Rushdie was taken by copter to a sanitarium, according to New York State Police, where he’s witnessing surgery.


Who is Salman Rushdie?

Rushdie was born in Bombay( now Mumbai) in India in 1947. As a teenager, he went to academy in England, He start his career writing dupe for an advertising establishment, and he started writing fabrication. He published his first novel, “ Grimus, ” in 1975. His alternate novel, “ Night’s Children, ” won Britain’s most prestigious erudite award, the Booker Prize, in 1981.


What happened to Rushdie after that?


He entered round the- timepiece protection from the British government. For nearly 10 times, he’d to keep his position secret. But he kept writing.
Ultimately, he started to travel further openly, and in recent times he has appeared without guards, indeed in large events, similar as the National Book Festival in Washington.

What has Rushdie said about the pitfalls against him?


Soon after Khomeini called for Rushdie to be assassinated, the novelist issued a statement, saying, “ I profoundly lament the torture that publication has occasioned to sincere followers of Islam. ” latterly, he told his publisher not to issue a paperback or allow the novel to be restated. But those concessions made no difference and were ultimately lifted.

Over the times, Rushdie has come a leading protector of the rights of artists around the world to express themselves freely.

Is the fatwa still in force?

Khomeini failed in 1989, just months after issuing his deadly proclamation.

The Iranian government receded itself from the fatwa in 1998, and the British government restored politic relations with the country.
But some revolutionaries continue to contend that Khomeini’s judgment can not be rescinded and that the call to murder Rushdie remains in force.